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What did you feel on your first audio submission to Newgrounds?

2008-03-06 22:50:36 by lupsuprelease

So how did you guys feel on your first submission to Newgrounds? I just uploaded mine today and it is still pending I wonder how it is doing. I know I am a trance freak in a way, but I can't let go of this unique type of music genre that had been raving in my head for years.


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2008-03-18 21:22:55

I liked and I see you favorited a GWC song wanna join


2008-07-03 05:44:59

Guess it got blammed. You must just not have any talent. Shame you like to review so harsh considering you can't even make a flash that's passing.


2008-07-03 05:48:07

Oh wait, it's not blammed. I see it, It's rather good. Oh well :'(